POLISHALL provides a complete range of polishing services, either in-house or on-site, for a variety of customer types.

All metals, shapes and sizes are polished to a high quality standard and finish, using our extensive expertise and purpose built machinery. In addition, we offer polishing services for non-metallic materials such as glass and plastics.

It provides experienced personnel to keep businesses tidy and removes the burden of cleaning and maintenance from you and your employees.

Best of all, reputable cleaning services are fully licensed and insured, which protects your business' equipment and property from theft or damage.

A commercial cleaning service can do the work you need, cleaning and maintaining of any size or type of business.

We assure for high flexibility and adaptability and also to guide customers on the best finishing products

Polishall offers a wide range of cleaning solution for different types of materials and has emerged as one of the top players of its kind.

Competitive prices and prompt attention is assured whether you require one-off’s, batch production or high volume orders.

Polishall has proved its capabilities and professionalism by offering certain unique services as:
  • Professional polishing of Antiques
  • Mould and Die polishing
  • Consultation on Metal Cleaning and Maintenance.
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