Polishall offers many products which are very much powerful in removing contaminants such as oil, grease, grime, tar, tree sap wax and adhesive deposits from all metal surfaces including wheels, paintwork, engines, machinery and any metal components.

Also there are multi purpose aluminum polish and restorer that is also a great stainless or chrome polish, that can restore badly contaminated metals, by removing: rust, heavy oxidization, discoloration, acid salt stains and tarnishes from neglected surfaces.

We also have special polishing pastes that gives fine results, even some liquid polishes are not as good as pastes.

Polishall has come out with a wide range of cleaning products offering effective solutions for all cleaning needs.
Polishing Stones
Honing Stones
Ceramic mounted points
Automative Products
Felt polishing wheels
Wire brushes
Emery sheets
Mounted points
Antique Products
Diamond files
Abrasive wheels
Diamond powder
Diamond Paste