About Us:

POLISHALL as a commercial cleaning company assures longevity and ultra shine to your product by applying our superior polish products. Our Products can be used in various materials used in day-today life such as cycles, wristwatches, pressure cookers, utensils, handicrafts, steels etc...

The business environment in which we operate is the one based on top-notch quality and a rock solid reputation to deliver the results. We are committed to produce only quality products, incorporating stringent quality control system and testing the products at various level of production.

We have a highly committed workforce headed by skilled professionals, who continuously raise the industry standards by running that extra mile, which distinguishes us from others. Regular training programs are held in order to enable them to keep abreast with the changing technology so that we lead the charge in innovation and design.

In todays technologically advanced world, there are growing number of applications where normal polishing techniques just aren't accurate enough to meet precision surfacing requirements as for as the polishing metals are concerned. For fine precised requirements, some specially designed polishing techniques which can make the metal surface a better newer can often be the answer.

We have a completely original attitude within the company that combines new and traditional skills with various different approaches to creative ability and applied design. We also apply special coatings to a variety of materials, using the most proven and reliable methods we have.

We will give shine to the entire range of products made up of Brass, Aluminium, Gold, Silver, Bakelite, Glass, Plastic and wood with our array of quality and multi purpose liquid polish. We also manufacture multi purpose metal polish, liquid polish, brass and copper polish, gold and silver polish etc.